Salato Pizzeria - It's more than just pizza and pasta

Specialty Pizza

The menu at SALATO PIZZERIA includes all of your favorite Italian dishes. Customers can make their own pizzas by choosing the size, the crust, the sauce, and the toppings. Sizes range from a small pizza to a Extra Large pizza. The crusts are available in traditional, thin, pan, or light and crispy. They offer a variety of sauces to choose from as well, such as traditional red, white, pesto, ranch, or alfredo. you can enjoy EVERYTHING their menu has to offer! Their toppings include five different kinds of cheeses, 25 different meats, and vegetables. SALATO also offers very unique gourmet pizzas, such as Lucky 187 pizza, Salato Express, Seafood Bonanza, Ranch Chicken, and The Vilagio just to name a few.

Don't hesitate about what to make for dinner tonight, because with SALATO PIZZERIA you already have a delicious affordable meal at your fingertips. You will be able to enjoy a delicious meal and still remain within your budget. Thanks to YOU ALL that you’ll always have a reliable option for dinner!


Hawaiian Delight

Smoked ham, sweet pineapple, bacon bit, top with Salato cheese blend and sprinkle of cheddar.


Green Spinach

Garlic butter based, fresh spinach leaves, scallion, spice herb, grated of parmesan, egg on top with mozzarella and feta cheese.


Vegetarian Special

Onion, green pepper, tomato, fresh mushroom, black olive, sweet pineapple, sprinkle corn kernel and Salato cheese blend.


Sicilian Pizza

Pepperoni, salami, fresh tomato, black olive, sprinkle with oregano, basil leaves and Italian cheese.


Meat Lover

Ground beef, turkey ham, sausage, spicy Italian salami, pepperoni, and Salato cheese blend.


Bar B.Q Chicken

BBQ chicken, garlic, red and green bell pepper, onion, fresh mushroom and mozzarella cheese.


Pesto Veggie

Pesto sauce based, fresh spinach leaves, red and green bell pepper, sundried tomato, roast garlic, mozzarella cheese.


Greek Pizza

Loaded ground beef, onion, green pepper, fresh tomato, black olive, mozzarella and top with Greek feta cheese.


Spicy Chicken Delight

Spicy chicken chunk, chili sauce, red and green bell pepper, red chili, roasted garlic, and mozzarella cheese.


Salato Mediterranean

Spinach and leaves, black olive, onion, sundried tomato, red bell pepper, mozzarella feta cheese.


BLT Pizza

Smoked bacon, Salato cheese blend baked in oven, then loaded with crispy lettuce, tomato and mayo sauce.